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Welcome to UCS Solutions, South Africa’s premier systems and services business focussed on the retail value chain. For over a decade, UCS Solutions has been providing exceptional services that adds real value to our clients both in South Africa and across the world.


The ingredients that make us special!


Well, there are three main components to our business that do it for us.


Our people: They are the magic – we are fortunate to have a unique mix of highly experienced and highly skilled, world-class consultants, industry and technical experts and retail and supply chain practitioners working in our business. Many of the team have years of practical experience working in the retail value chain across the world. Others have come up through the ranks of international consulting firms such as PwC, Accenture and Deloitte or through companies such as SAP, IBM, Dimension Data, JDA and Oracle. UCS Solutions has harnessed all of this experience and talent into an organisation that has become a true leader in its field.


Our partners: The many companies that we partner with are also an integral part of our ecosystem and enable us to do what we do best. Please visit our partner page for more information on who we partner with and who partners with us.


Our customers: There is no doubt about it; our customers are the reason for our being. We are under no illusions that our customers have choices, so we work hard to ensure that there is no better choice for them. We are enormously proud of the fact that we have worked with and grown with many of our customers for many years and we truly believe that this is because of the open, honest and practical approach that we adopt with every engagement. We know that the magic is working when we become trusted advisors to our clients and we feel privileged when we have earned that position and passionate about keeping it. Thank you customers!

UCS Solutions is owned by both Business Connexion (BCX) and the UCS Solutions Executive Management Team.

Business Connexion is a black empowered integrator of innovative business solutions based on information and communications technology.


They run mission-critical ICT systems and manage products, services and solutions for JSE listed and key public sector organisations, parastatals and medium-sized companies.



Latest News

SA retailers face 'disruption'

By Lauren Kate Rawlins, ITWeb news journalist.
Johannesburg, 10 Mar 2015

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) this morning released the Annual Global Total Retail Consumer Survey, showing e-tailing is growing fast.

In this year's report, there were more than 19 000 respondents across six continents and over 1 000 from South Africa. The survey revealed the physical store remains top; however, online retail is growing fast as more users become comfortable with using the Internet.

Some of the key results included 14% of South African online shoppers surveyed saying they shop online weekly or more frequently. 53% of the same group say they have intentionally browsed products at a store but decided to purchase online, and 73% say they have browsed products online and then purchased them in-store. 


Retail Wrap

Invisible bike helmet, now available to buy

Helmets are enough of a hassle that some cyclists refuse to wear them, and encouraging them to do so is tricky. Netherlands-based EGG make the devices more customizable in an effort to get kids wearing them, but now the team behind the Hövding — a wearable airbag for cyclists, packed away while riding and activated in the event of a crash — has just announced that their innovation is available to buy.


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